Tank Terminal Storage & Logistics

Here at One Terminals Limited, our focus in Tank Storage and Logistics is based on safe, efficient, and reliable services in the operation of our facilities.

We operate as an independent storage for partners as well as for our trading team. We are committed to the provision of customer specific solutions for each operation.

Middle Distillates: Automotive Gasoil (AGO), Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK)

Terminal Access
Via Vessels, Tankers, Pipeline, Berth

Pipeline connection, Vessel unloading

Trading and Supply

Our Trading and Supply desk provides a critical link between the market and our downstream operations. We provide commercial support to our sales, marketing and distribution desk.

Our trading professionals manage commodity transactions around all the refined petroleum products that we buy and sell.

We manage supply, trading and logistics for a wide range of products, including feedstocks, fuels, and refined products like gasoline, naphtha, diesel, jet fuel, heavy fuels, natural gas liquids and other products for our own system where necessary, and at other times, our various partners

Supply Chain Management

The context of the oil supply chain for One Terminals Limited, is focused on the improvement of decision-support solutions. In order to provide techniques to the distribution problems faced by our diverse customers in the downstream oil supply chain, we assist these entities in identifying the major gaps, and providing solutions in order to establish JIT- Just In Time performance for all deliveries

Sales and Marketing

From our modernised terminal, we sell and market high quality petroleum products to resellers and end users into the right locations, by providing solution based operational efficiency and competitive pricing mechanisms to all our customers.

Head Office

6 Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.


Terminal Office

2 Dockyard Road, Ijora, Apapa, Lagos.

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